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Rotate, flip, and resize your best digital photos and view them as a slideshow
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Designed as a simple utility to help amateur and professional photographers to perform various quick edits in their best shots, Advanced Photo is an open-source development that can rotate, resize, and flip digital photos in just a few clicks. You can load any amount of images in no time thanks to its drag-and-drop capabilities, and view them all as a slideshow in the program’s main interface.

Despite its slightly pretentious name, Advanced Photo is actually a very simple tool with very limited functionality. There is nothing really “advanced” that you can do with this program – there are not enhancing or image correction features and no effects or filters to apply. It simply flips, rotates, and resizes your images in an efficient and simple way.

You can drop any number of images into the program’s interface, but you can only work with one image at a time. Batch editing is not an option, which probably makes the program more suitable for occasional home users who need to flip, rotate, or resize a not-too-large set of images every now and then. What you can do with all those pictures you’ve loaded into Advanced Photo is to view them in slideshow mode. This does not mean that you can create slideshows out of your pictures using this program, though – only that you can view them as if they were part of a presentation. You can set the delay time between images and force the full-screen mode whenever you click on the play button.

There are no more settings available, apart from those directly related to the three editing tools that the program includes – flip horizontally and vertically, rotate left and right, and defining the new size in pixels when resizing your pictures (keeping the original aspect ratio or not). As I already mentioned, nothing too “advanced” really, but despite its limitations, an Advanced Photo is a tool that performs as expected and that produces good results. Therefore, having this open-source utility installed on your system won’t do you, your computer, or your wallet any harm.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Displays your images as a slideshow
  • Supports drag-and-drop for the input
  • Flips, resizes, and rotates images in just a few clicks
  • Provides information about the image metadata


  • Batch editing is not an option
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